We shape our city by who we choose to eat with. We believe food is an invitation for relationship. The dinner table is our avenue for racial reconciliation in our city.  


Dinner Tables

The dinner table is a place where people get to know each other. Reconciliation begins when you get to know someone else's struggles, accomplishments, dreams and aspirations. People who seem so different now become like family.

Dinner  Ambassadors 

Oklahoma City has people scattered throughout who have been doing reconciliation work. They are connectors. Dinner Ambassadors have volunteered to connect people from all walks of life. 


DinnerTableOKC now connects you to a community you might not be all to familiar with. Dinner Ambassadors show hospitality and will help facilitate reconciliation for our city. 

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The Dinner Table is where conversations happen, friends become family and where reconciliation takes place.  

Our vision is to see people from all walks of life share meals together. Sitting together and learning each others names, passions, fears, goals and dreams is a beautiful things that leads to reconciliation in our city. The Dinner Table is the avenue we take to step away from the outside world and focus on one another. It is nerve racking to some to think about eating with someone you don't even know but we promise that it will change you.

Dinner Table Ambassadors have been doing reconciliation work for years. It's time to join them at the dinner table. 


Our Ambassadors are located throughout the city in different communities. They have committed to host a dinner for people to gather together. These people have the gift of hospitality and will help facilitate reconciliation within our city. We like to think of them as bridge builders.

They are bridging communities and people in Oklahoma City.



It simply starts by you saying, "yes"

Let DinnerTableOKC help you connect and create lasting relationships. 

Sign-up on our meal calendar and join us at the table. 


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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma